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Match Point Scratch Classic 810 Rules

2013-2014 SEASON

(Revision: September 18, 2013)

1) GENERAL: The league will bowl on Thursdays at 4th Street Bowl in San Jose and will consist of 17 four member teams. Practice bowling will begin at 9:00pm and league play will begin at 9:10pm. League competition starts on September 5th and ends on May 8th. Sweepers and roll-off will be on May 15th. The league will observe the following bye dates: November 28th & December 26th. Official league shirts are required to be worn and purchased by regular league members. Each team must have the 4th Street Bowl & Brunswick/DV8 logos on the shirt. Teams are only allowed to embellish official league shirts with their names on the back and their team names or team logo on the right pocket.

2) SEGMENTS: The league will bowl in four segments over 35 weeks, including sweepers. The first and third segments will be 9 weeks and the second and fourth segments will be 8 weeks. Segment ending dates are October 31, January 9, March 13 and May 8. Sweeps & Roll-offs will be on May 15. Position rounds will be on September 19, October 3, October 17, October 31, November 14, December 5, December 19, January 9, January 23, February 6, February 20, March 6, March 13, March 27, April 10, April 24 and May 8.

3) LEAGUE BOARD: The membership must elect a president, vice president and secretary/treasurer who are responsible for their respective duties. In addition, the membership must elect two sergeants at arms to rule on all conduct questions and collect all fines. The League Board can appoint any league member or members to become board members to fill whatever positions they believe the league needs filled.

a. The following is your League Board for 2013/2014:
• President: Dave King
• Vice President: Dan Alford
• Secretary/Treasurer: Ray Johnson
• Sergeant at Arms: Brian Cooper
• Sergeant at Arms: Dave Wijtman
• Director of Promotion & Publicity: Scott Asencio
• SCCUCSB Representative: Jeff Evenson
• 4th Street Bowl Representative: Kenny Nakatsu

4) FEES: League fees will be $30.00 per bowler, per week. Checks are to be made out to Match Point Scratch Classic 810. If fees are not paid, the bowler will be considered in arrears and may have action taken (see rule #6).

a. Payments are disbursed as follows:
• Lineage: $13.50
• Secretary Fees: $1.00
• Prize Fund: $15.50
• Total Payment: $30.00

b. Players will be responsible for USBC fees (which are due and payable on THE FIRST NIGHT THEY BOWL), weekly fees, fines and franchise fees. Fines will be levied for etiquette, conduct, uniform and other infractions as defined hereinafter and players will be considered in arrears if these fines are not paid. If a bowler is in arrears at the end of the season (5/9/13), he/she will forfeit all prize money due them. The league will charge a $25.00 service fee for all returned checks (fee may be deducted from bowler's prize money). If a bowler has a second check returned, the bowler's check writing privileges will be revoked.

c. Team Captains are responsible for keeping a full team (4 members), with a legal lineup, and for collecting weekly fees from their team members. The Team Captain or designee will deliver the payment envelope to the league secretary no later than the end of the 1st game.

5) TEAM SPONSOR FEE: There is a Team Sponsor Fee of $600.00 per team, $150.00 per bowler. Team sponsor fees are due in full BEFORE WEEK #6. The last two weeks of bowling (week #34 & #35) are due before the end of the first quarter. If these fees are not paid, the bowler(s) will be considered in arrears and may have action taken (see rule #6). If the team has secured a sponsor and the sponsor has not sent a check by the due date, players will be responsible for payment of team sponsor fees and will be reimbursed when the sponsor sends a check.

a. There is also a $15 League Shirt Fee to have logos embroidered on team shirts.

6) BOWLERS OBLIGATION: Once a bowler joins a league, he/she is financially responsible to pay each week for the length of the season. Bowlers will be allowed a ONE-WEEK grace period in fees. This includes the payment requirements of your last two weeks, Team Sponsor Fees, League Shirt Fees, USBC fees and fines. Bowlers who are not current in their league fees may NOT BE ALLOWED TO BOWL (at the discretion of the officers). A team with a bowler that is not current in their fees will use a vacancy score for that bowler (see Rule #10) until the bowler has brought their accounts current. If a bowler must withdraw, written notice must be given to the league secretary, with a copy to their team captain, two weeks in advance. The bowler is liable for the team sponsor fee and any added fees (fines), and weekly fees for up to six weeks or until a replacement can be found (whichever is less). Unless the bowler leaves the league in good standing, current in their fees, with a replacement bowler, their prize fund will be forfeited and revert back into the general fund. If these procedures are not followed, USBC disciplinary action will be taken against the bowler. Bowlers not paid up at the end of each segment will not be allowed to bowl the next segment until all dues are paid up to the one week grace period.

7) POINT SYSTEM: The first week of league, teams who draw the odd lane will enter their lineup first. After the first week, teams with the most segment points will enter their lineup first. In the event of a points tie, high total pins enter first. Once a lineup is entered and the first bowler (from either team) has bowled, there will be no lineup changes. Teams must match up a blind against a blind (or vacancy) and the team who wins the game will win that game individual game point and the team who wins the series will win that series point. If a player comes late (see tardy players, rule #11), he/she must bowl the following games in the position assigned at the start of bowling. A team bowling against the vacancy team will draw a team at random whose scores will be matched against theirs and they will match up the lineups however they choose. The draw and lineups must be done with the league secretary prior to the start of practice.

a. There are a possible 25 points per weekly match as follows:
• 1 point per game per individual x 4 bowlers = 12 points
• 2 points per game per team game x 3 games = 6 points
• 1 point individual series per individual x 4 bowlers = 4 points
• 3 total pins points per team x 1 series = 3 points

8) ENTERING AVERAGE: Team entering average shall not exceed 810.

a. Averages are computed from the following:
• If bowler bowled in both the 2011/2012 & 2012/2013 Match Point leagues, the highest of the two averages will be used (51 game minimum).
• If bowler bowled in just the 2012/2013 Match Point league, the highest of their 2011/2012 entering average less 5 pins or their 2012/2013 Match Point league average will be used.
• If bowler did not bowl in the 2012/2013 Match Point league, the highest 2012/2013 book average will be used, if more than 5 pin drop from 2011/2012 season this must be reported and bowler may be re-rated, if none;
• The highest summer 2013 average of 21 games or more (with verification & approval of the board), if none;
• Average as assigned by the League Board.

b. Individual players with an average of less than 170 will be rerated with 170 as an entering average.

c. Individual players with an average over 230, who did not bowl in the league the year prior and are PBA members, will be rerated with 230 as an entering average. Only one of these rerated bowlers is allowed per team. This only pertains to permanent bowlers, all subs use their highest 2012/2013 book average.

d. Individual players with an average over 220, who did not bowl in the league the year prior and are not a PBA member, will be rerated with 220 as an entering average. Only one of these rerated bowlers is allowed per team. This only pertains to permanent bowlers, all subs use their highest 2012/2013 book average.

e. No team may bowl with a combined average of 811 or more. The secretary will verify the averages of ALL players, including subs. It is the responsibility of the team captain to submit average verification for any substitute or replacement bowler BEFORE that player bowls in the league. If the stated average upon verification is found to be incorrect, the team will forfeit all points for each game the illegal player bowled and the points will be recomputed for the opposing team.

9) SUBS & NEW MEMBERS: A substitute is any bowler who meets eligibility requirements. All subs must be within 5 pins of the entering average of the bowler they are subbing for. If more than one sub is used in a given week the total of the subs averages must be within 5 pins of the entering averages of the total entering averages of the subs they are bowling for. The sub may bowl on any team and count toward a legal lineup (providing one regular member is present). Subs and replacement bowlers shall follow the requirements for average as in rule #8 (see Rule #118c). No new member or sub may bowl the last two weeks of a segment or during playoff competition unless they have bowled 9 or more games in the league. Subs are required to wear collared shirt. If a sub bowls in a vacancy spot, they are responsible for the lineage fee payment of $13.50. If a sub is bowling for a regular member, the regular member is responsible for all fee payments. A sub will not be allowed to bowl sweepers unless they are bowling with a team involved in the playoffs. A sub bowling in the playoffs is not eligible to participate in the sweepers and will not receive any sweeper money.

10) ABSENTEES & VACANCY SCORES: A bowler must have bowled at least one game in the league in order to be allowed the use of his/her average as an absentee score. Players must use the lowest of their entering average or current average (after 9 games). Players are allowed 1 absence each quarter, after that a 25 pin drop will be in effect for the remainder of the quarter. Unless arrangements with the league secretary have been made and the player is current in their league fees, they will be dropped from the league after two consecutive absences. The team will then use a vacancy score. All teams without a full complement of bowlers will use a vacancy score, unless a substitute can be found. Except for the first two weeks of league, to compute a vacancy score, add the remaining bowlers entering averages together and subtract from 785. So as not to penalize teams with vacancies or teams with a full complement of players during the first two weeks, teams using vacancies will subtract from the team they are bowling against that has a full complement of players. When both teams have vacancies in the first two weeks teams will use 810 to determine the vacancy scores. There is no minimum or maximum vacancy score; however teams with two vacancies will use approximately the same score for each vacancy (or about half the total).

11) TARDY PLAYERS: A bowler who arrives after the first bowler (on either team) has completed their 1st frame will not be allowed to bowl that game. If a player arrived too late to compete in that game, they will be allowed to bowl the following game(s). Tardy players will not be allowed to "pace out" a game in progress and will not be allowed any warm up shots. No lineup changes will be allowed to accommodate tardy bowlers.

12) LEGAL LINEUP: A team lineup will consist of 4 members with up to 4 men and/or 4 women. If a team has less than 2 eligible members present (at least 1 regular member and 1 eligible sub) to start the first frame of any game, the game shall be declared forfeit. In the event of a forfeit or bowling a vacant team, the team bowling will draw a team number and compete against that teams score to determine the night's points. Pre-bowling and make-up games will be allowed. Unopposed bowling will be allowed. Lineups are given to the secretary or president in advance of the match and the team scores will be sealed until both teams have bowled. Players are not allowed to watch an opponent bowl an unopposed match. A postponement must be requested at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled match, except in the event of an emergency. The team requesting a postponement MUST notify the Secretary or President, with their lineups. The bowling center is NOT authorized to grant postponements. The board of directors will rule on what may be sufficient cause to grant an emergency postponement. The team bowling against the postponed match will have the option to bowl at their regularly scheduled time, or bowl with the other team. If they elect to bowl when the other team does, the team requesting the postponement must make every effort to accommodate the opposing team's schedule. Make-up games must be bowled within 10 days of the originally scheduled match or at least 5 days before a scheduled position round, roll-off or segment end to accommodate stats calculation. When teams postpone a match or bowl against a postponement, they will receive 12.5 points until the match is made up and the correct points have been calculated. All make-ups must be bowled on the lane conditions for the quarter they are bowling.

13) PRIZE MONEY PAYMENT: See the estimated prize fund sheets for a total breakdown of payments for all team, individual and sweeper's prize payments. A bowler must be current in their league fees and a member in good standing to be eligible for any prize winnings. If a bowler is in arrears at the end of the season 5/8/14), he/she will forfeit any prize money due them. Any shortages may be deducted from the team's prize money. In the event of a tie in any segment, the prize money will be split. If a team wins more than one segment, they will receive the first place money for the subsequent segments won and the team at the end of the season the team with the highest point total that has not won a segment will be awarded the playoff spot for that segment. If there is a tie for first place in a segment, there will be a three game roll-off to determine the segment winner before the start of the next segment. In the case that two teams tie for first place in a segment and one of the tied teams has already won a playoff spot, the other team will win the playoff spot and the tied teams will split the first and second place money for the segment. If more than two teams tie for first place in a segment and one team has already won a segment these teams will split the segment place money and there will be a three game roll-off for the playoff spot between the tied teams that do not already have a playoff spot. NOTE: The figures on the payoff sheets are approximations. These figures may decrease due to drop-outs or shortages and increase due to conduct fines or additions. A final accounting sheet will be disbursed at the end of league.

14) INDIVIDUAL & TEAM AWARDS: Awards will be granted each quarter. Individual awards will be (in order) High Series, High Game and High Points, paid in three divisions. Divisions will be re-computed every quarter (1-23, 24-46, 47-68) based on previous quarter ending league averages. Team Awards will be High Series and Game each quarter. All payments will be made at the end of the league and bowlers must have bowled 2/3 of the segment to be eligible. Fine fees will be used to pay players a full share for any ties for individual awards.

15) SWEEPERS: The format for sweeps will be a payout minimum of 1:4 ratios. All bowlers will compete in handicap and scratch divisions. Handicap will be 90% from the highest average in the league. Players may win only one prize, the higher monetary award takes precedence.

16) PLAYOFFS: A playoff will be held on sweeper's night. The four quarter winners will roll off for 1st thru 4th place money. If a team or teams wins more than one quarter the team or teams with the overall season best point totals will fill the remaining spots in the roll off. The team with the overall season best point total who does not make the roll off will be awarded 5th place money.

17) PLAYOFF FORMAT: The teams involved in the playoffs as listed above (1st - 4th) will follow the following system format:

a. The lane assignments will be determined by the line officers.

b. Teams will line up players by average, lowest to highest (based on current average).

c. All four teams will compete against each other.

d. The secretary will provide a special play off recap sheet.

e. Points will be awarded as follows:
• Individual game match points will be awarded as: 1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point, 4th = 0 points.
• Individual series match points will be awarded as: 1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point, 4th = 0 points.
• Team game points will be awarded as: 1st = 6 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 2 point, 4th = 0 points.
• Team total series match points will be awarded as: 1st = 9 points, 2nd = 6 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 0 points.

f. The team with the highest point total will be declared the 1st place winner.

g. The team with the second highest point total will be declared the 2nd place winner.

h. The team with the third highest point total will be declared the 3rd place winner.

i. The team with the fourth highest point total will be declared the 4th place winner.

j. In the event of a tie, teams involved will bowl a one game roll-off until the tie is broken.

18) ETIQUETTE: Bowl when it is your turn. If a bowler is not present when his/her arrow appears, it is permissible to skip them until they return to the lanes. If a player is skipped a second time, he/she will be fined. The league standard is one lane courtesy.

19) CONDUCT: Bowlers will be expected to comport themselves in a professional manner, befitting a premier scratch league. A conduct committee is appointed by the league officers to act under the direction of the Sergeant at Arms. The committee is empowered to rule on all conduct infractions, collect fines and issue written warnings to bowlers who commit infractions.

a. Fines will start at a minimum of $5.00. Fines will DOUBLE after two infractions per person. Fines & warnings include, but are not limited to:
• Obscene Language or Gestures.
• Hitting Anything.
• Kicking Anything.
• Throwing Any Item.
• Re-Racks During Warm-Up.
• Not Bowling When It Is Your Turn.
• Having More than One Ball on the Rack (bowlers should avoid using the entire seating area for spare balls).
• Bowling After Announcement that Warm-Up is Over.
• Cell Phones Shall Remain OFF During League Play (or on vibrate only!)
• Envelopes shall be turned in to the secretary (or designee) before the end of the first game.

20) UNIFORM: Shirts must be purchased by the team members and must match in color and style. They will then be given to our shirt sponsor for logo embroidery and once returned to your team MUST BE WORN. Recommended attire is Dockers style slacks or shorts. Clean, non-worn Jeans are allowed.

a. Non-compliance will result in a $5.00 fine. Also not allowed and subject to a fine:
• Wearing: Cut-Offs, Sweat Pants (this includes ANY elastic waist pants or pants with elastic at the ankles), Bicycle Pants or Stretch Pants.
• No hats or headgear will be worn during bowling.

b. Subs can also be fined for not following the uniform code.

21) OTHER:

a. The following infractions will result in a fine of $5.00 for each team member:
• At least One Team Member must be in attendance at a league meeting. At least two weeks' notice will be given for mandatory meetings.
• Lineups must be put in before warm-up in finished. Don't wait until time to start league play.

b. Other fines may be levied at the discretion of the Sergeants at Arms . The decision of the Sergeants at Arms is final. A bowler who does not comply with the ruling of the Sergeants at Arms to pay their fine, may be considered in arrears in their league fees or, in an extreme case, ejected from the league. Infractions may be reported by any bowler in the league, however, must be substantiated by at least two other league members from other teams. The Sergeants at Arms will not reveal the complainant to the bowler being fined. A bowler may appeal any fine to the Sergeants at Arms. The Sergeants at Arms has discretion to reverse fines.

c. The secretary is NOT responsible for levying fines, only collecting them.

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